18th November 2018

SportsFun4Lifestyle has developed a new website!  We'll be updating it regularly to get it just right.

17th May 2019

SportsFun4Lifestyle has just completed and submitted its application to the Charities Commission.  We are on our way to registered charity status!

6th June 2019
SportsFun4Lifestyle is starting it's volunteer drive!  Please let us know if you are willing to help, just give us a call on 01707 323 868.

23rd August 2019
We've updated the website!  Hopefully you'll enjoy it; please let us know what you think now using our Contact Us page

27th February 2020
We've just delivered three new table tennis tables to Welwyn St Mary's school!

19th March 2020
Before the children at Welwyn St Mary's school leave for their extended break we have delivered two bats and balls to each of them; to entertain them while they are at home.