Ping and Pong - The SportsFun4Lifestyle Panda Twins will inspire children to develop healthy lifestyles

Ping and Pong are our table tennis and sport loving pandas.  They love nothing more than a game of table tennis or kicking a football about so they keep themselves fit and healthy.

In 1990 Terry helped Paul Trevillion, creator of Roy of the Rovers, promote DJ Bear, the Panda of Peace Football League mascot at nearly every major football club, and international matches, to bring fun back into football and make the game safer for families.

Terry also provided the Canary Mascot for Norwich City at home and away matches, including when they lost to Leeds United, the 1991 champions, who were presented with the 1st Division (now Premiership) trophy after the match.

The SportsFun4Lifestyle Panda Twins will demonstrate various sports to inspire and encourage everyone to participate and also play a major role in fundraising.